About us.

Hotim is a prominent stock keeping hardwood supplier that brings you the broadest en most comprehensive range of hardwoods and grades to cover all your timber requirements. 
We distinguish ourselves by our own import, shipping, drying, stocking, machinery
(amongst which finger jointing), sales team and transportation.

From the forest to delivery at the door without any intermediaries. This enables us to be transparent and fast towards our customers. Also, it allows them to have confidence that their requirements will be satisfied on time, in place and on price. We serve the joinery sector, timber industry, interior builders, contractors and concrete mould manufacturers.


We have been investing in strong relationships with sawmills all over the world for more than half a century. Suppliers are carefully chosen based on quality, sawing performance and sustainable wood production. Visits to these suppliers are carried out on a regular basis.
Thanks to our personal approach and market knowledge our customers can always reply on superior quality hardwoods, fair prices, expert advice and fast deliveries.


Finger-jointed wood.

Finger jointing makes it possible to produce long lengths which are difficult or expensive to supply in unjointed timber. The most important advantages of our finger jointed wood, named ‘XL by Hotim’, are straightness, stability and the reduce of waste which results in cost savings in handling, storage and transport. You are guaranteed that our end product is always of consistent premium quality.


Environment - responsible wood sourcing.

For more than a decade we hold both FSC® and PEFC™ accreditation and are able to consistently provide wood from legal and sustainable sources.  We pride ourselves not only on importing the highest quality sustainably produced hardwoods, but also on promoting the suitability of wood as a durable, responsible and unique building material.


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